Nature Quest Classroom Visits

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The Nature Quest program brings the benefits of outdoor education to your classroom. Affordable programs reduce the expenses of a field-trip experience such as transportation and meals. Cross-curricular lessons integrate science, physical activity and art with reading, language arts and math concepts. Flexible activity plans can be adapted to meet varying needs for class sizes, ages, schedules and available space. Interactive, hands-on activities awaken students’ curiosity and appreciation for nature and the environment. Standards-based lessons and activities align with Next Generation Science, Common Core and state-learning standards of Illinois and Missouri. Camp Wartburg will also provide follow-up information listing the standards covered, along with some bonus activities.

Nature Quest programs are designed for students grades K-6. Most programs can be tailored for older or younger students.

Nature Quest programs are designed for 45-minute to 1.5-hour sessions and can be adapted to fit into your class schedule. We can offer more than one program per visit.

Traveling Range: Camp Wartburg’s team will gladly travel to schools in Illinois: Monroe, Madison, Clinton, Perry, Randolph, St. Clair and Washington counties and in Missouri: St. Louis, St. Charles, Franklin, Jefferson and Warren counties.

Availability: Available Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Travel time or other factors may affect events scheduled outside of these hours.

Prices: (based on class sizes up to 25 students) $100 — 1 class session, up to 1.5 hours

+$1/extra mile — Schools over 20 miles from camp

+$50/session for additional sessions during a visit

Nature Quest can be paid for ahead of time or payment can be given to Camp Wartburg staff on the day of the program.

Nature Quest/Outdoor Education Sessions


Why do zebras have stripes? Why do cheetahs have such long tails? Why do owls have curved beaks? In this program your students will learn these things and more.

Aqua Pollution

What is pollution? How does pollution hurt animals? How healthy are the bodies of water in your own backyard? We will explore these questions and find ways to help local waterways and wildlife. All of your students’ senses are engaged as they learn using games, hands-on displays and water testing kits.

Around the World in 10 Ecosystems

Travel the world with us as we explore the different major ecosystems. We will start our travels in the far corners of the world and end right back at home, playing games along the way.


How are bats similar to people? How do they find their food in the dark? Students investigate the lifestyles of bats, play with the idea of echolocation and determine that bats are not scary (or blind), but in fact have an important role in nature that also benefits humans.


Travel through the wide world of birds. Investigate what different birds eat, why they migrate, how they fly and the special qualities that constitute a bird.


If there is not a lesson that fits with your curriculum do not let that stop you from utilizing our services. Camp Wartburg staff will be more than happy to create a new (standards-based) lesson to fit into your curriculum.

Field Games

Recreation and education do not have to be separate activities. Give your students a dose of fun, Camp Wartburg style. Our staff can lead games that reinforce what they have learned in the classroom. Games can be non-competitive to encourage group interaction or include friendly competitions where students work together to win.


Group initiative courses (GICs), are ground-based, teambuilding exercises where groups work together to overcome obstacles. Help your students develop important social skills, improve self-esteem, learn how to communicate with peers and work as a team.

Trees & Things

“And Truffula Trees are what everyone needs.” Students find out why everyone needs trees. We will discover the different parts of a tree and the many ways animals depend on them.

Email Lauren Thorburg Kreienkamp ( for more information or to schedule a Nature Quest event for your group.