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Shepherding Sheep Volunteer

Camp Wartburg’s Shepherding Sheep volunteer program provides youth (entering 8th grade and up) and adults with opportunities to develop leadership skills by working with adults and children who are mentally and/or physically disabled.

When is the Shepherding Sheep servant event?

Shepherding Sheep takes place the week of Memorial Day and is divided into two sessions that run simultaneously. The half week session begins on Monday morning and runs through Wednesday afternoon, while the full-week session also begins on Monday morning but ends on Friday afternoon.

When is training?

Training for servant event volunteers begins at 1:00 pm on Sunday. Campers will not arrive until Monday morning from 9:00 to 1:00 am. Applicants must attend training in order to serve for either session. Note: Shepherding Sheep volunteer training IS NOT the same as junior counselor training.

Things to know prior to starting your Shepherding Sheep volunteer application:

Once you begin your application, you will be unable to save it.

Following is a list of application requirements. You must have each of these items in order to complete the survey. Please read through each item carefully, as Camp Wartburg is unable to retrieve incomplete applications.

Summer Schedule

You will be asked to select the sessions for which you are available. Please do not select sessions that you cannot attend.

Parent Information

Applicants under the age of 18 are required to provide parent/guardian name, email address and phone number. If accepted into the Shepherding Sheep program, additional information and signatures will be required for the young-adult volunteers

Ready? Set? Start…

1. You will need to create an UltraCamp account in order to apply to be a volunteer.
2. If you are a minor, please make your parent/legal guardian the head of the account and list yourself as one of the children.
3. You will then need to select “Shepherding Sheep Volunteer Application” under Program Choices.
4. Once you have selected the application you will follow the step-by-step registration process and fill out the application form.
5. Online registration (UltraCamp)

Please Note: Shepherding Sheep volunteers and junior counselors DO NOT fill out the same application. Junior Counselor Program