Life at Summer Camp

The first afternoon of camp, parents register their children, seek out their assigned cabin and claim a bunk bed. Many children often spend their first nights away from home at summer camp. When parents drive away, the adventure of summer camp begins.

Summer at Camp Wartburg is a busy time. We understand that you want to know what your child is up to, so here is a glimpse into an average day in the life of a camper. Note: Younger campers tend to have an earlier bedtime.

Activities are based on your camper’s program. For example, Paintball goes offsite four of its five weekdays at camp, whereas Forts, Fantasy and Fun stays onsite all week.

7:00am Rise and Shine

7:45am Morning Devotions


9:00amMorning Activities/Bible Study Paintballing, Horseback Riding, Canoeing Archery, Gaga Ball, Creek Walking, etc.


1:00pmRRR (Rest, Relaxation, Reflection) Campers are welcome to read, sketch, journal, write letters, take a nap, etc.

2:00pmSwimming or Afternoon Activity Older campers who are offsite in the morning may do other onsite activities.

4:00pmSwimming or Afternoon Activity


6:30pmAll Camp Game Campers play games like Capture the Flag, Eagles Eggs and more


9:00pmCampfire Devotions

10:00pmShower/Get Ready for Bed

11:00pmLights Out