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WOW Road Trip


Bring the “Wonders of Wartburg” to your door. Whether you are interested in an educational experience, a birthday party, or leadership training for your staff, Camp Wartburg is ready to come to you. You may choose to bundle your activities (three activities, over the course of three hours, $14 per person) or choose from our a la cart options. Rotations are available for groups of 25 or more. Note, there is a travel fee of $50 (up to 40 miles).

The activities are as follows:

Archery Recommended Grade: 3+

Ready your bows. Aim. Release! Learn basic archery skills, improve hand-eye coordination, and see how persistence pays off on the portable archery range. Aim for individual improvement or compete with others in a friendly competition. $7 per person.

Archery Tag Recommended Grade: 7+

Have you ever played dodge ball? Try it with padded arrows! Archery Tag has all of the intensity of Paintball (and safety), with rules similar to dodge ball, all while using a bow and arrows.
Please Note: Archery Tag Waiver required. $14 per person.

Field Games All Ages

Need to release some of that pent-up energy? Play non-competitive games that encourage group interaction or work together to win in a game of Eagles Eggs or Capture the Flag. $7 per person.

Fire Building Recommended Grade: 4+

Heat. Fuel. Oxygen. Learn fire-safety skills as you race to build a sustainable campfire. $7 per person.

GIC(Low Ropes/ Teambuilding)Recommended Grade: 4+

Develop group initiative, cooperation, leadership, listening, and communication skills. No two group experiences are exactly the same. $14 per person.

Orienteering Recommended Grade: 3+

Put away your GPS and find your bearings like the early pioneers. Learn how to use a compass, then test your skills on an orienteering course. $5 per person.

If interested in booking a WOW Road Trip contact Faith Morris at 618-939-7715 ex 15 or Faith_Morris@lcfs.org.