Shepherding Sheep 2015

  • 08/20/15

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Camp Wartburg, especially during our Shepherding Sheep Servant Event, is the experience we are able to send our campers home with. Since taking over as the event coordinator four years ago, I have been able to see and talk to some of our campers outside of camp and I always hear the same thing: how much fun they had and how they cannot wait to come back next summer. I think this is one of our greatest accomplishments: creating a fun, safe, and memorable week of summer camp all while sharing God’s Word and love.


In my time as an event coordinator, volunteer, and small group leader I have learned a lot about myself, my campers, and my staff. The campers never cease to amaze me with their life stories, their strong faith lives, and their kind hearts. The staff prove their servant hearts every hour of every day. While so many college students spend their summers hanging out with friends or working part time jobs, our SGLs spend their entire summer giving. They give their patience to the homesick camper who can’t stop crying, they give their energy to the enthusiastic camper who can’t stop running in circles, they give their sleep to the camper who needs assistance in the middle of the night, they give their hearts to any camper who will let them in, and they give their love and belief in His Word to each and every person they come across. I have learned not to give up on anyone or anything, because God has a plan and put each and every one of our campers, volunteers, and SGLs at Camp Wartburg for a reason.


Our campers go home talking about their new favorite SGL and how he/she gave them a new Bible to take home. Our volunteers go back to high school and get the football team to eat lunch with the special education students, starting a new weekly tradition both parties love. And our SGLs come back year after year, myself included, because we have found dear friends in the campers and have found a way to share our God given gifts with those who need them most. Amanda Little (Pip)