Summer Camp


COVID Update – At this time Camp Wartburg is planning on offering a full program of services during the summer of 2021.
If there are any restrictions made in the future that will impact any services, Camp will adapt and communicate these changes at that time.

Have you made plans yet for this summer? Sign your kids up for a fun and faith-based summer program.

At Camp Wartburg, children become immersed in God’s awesome creation where the traditional pursuits of sports and academics become secondary to the values of curiosity, tolerance of others, self-discovery and learning-by-doing. Worshiping under the stars before a campfire becomes an exciting, joyful experience. Learning new skills is a goal, but fun is the process. Campers may learn to shoot an arrow, canoe, swim, fish, play non-traditional games and so much more. Led by college-aged counselors who love the Lord and children, campers blossom under the supervision of positive role models, function in small groups and engage in discussions around Bible studies, values and respect for other people and nature.

Why YOU should send your child or grandchild to Camp Wartburg…

  • Faith Focus. We strive to create a safe camp environment. Campers have the opportunity to build deeper relationships with Jesus, their Savior, in the midst of their Father’s creation, by the power of the Spirit.
  • Excellent Staff. We select and train college-age group leaders who have a passion for the Lord and a love for His children, to provide guidance, protection and personal attention to each camper.
  • Convenient Location. Wartburg is within an hour of St. Louis, nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Illinois, near Waterloo. With 117 acres of woods, fields, water, and trails, Camp Wartburg seems far away to campers, but comfortably close to parents.
  • Lasting Memories. Your child will take part in an adventure they will remember for a lifetime through programs carefully selected and managed to offer challenge and personal growth.
  • Meals. Three healthy, nutritional, kid approved meals and an evening snack are provided daily.
  • Lodging. Our cabins are air-conditioned and used by all campers except for participants in outdoor programs. (Fishing, Survival and Trip Camps)

Camp Wartburg Is A Christian Camp

Camp Wartburg is a camp with Christ at the center. Learning about nature provides an “up-close-and-personal” study of the Father’s awesome creation. Along the way, a variety of programming builds self-esteem, develops leadership, nurtures positive values and teaches respect for self, others and nature. A wide variety of camps appeal to every age (grades 1-12) and every child’s interest.

Amid all this fun is a myriad of opportunities to learn new skills – an important ingredient to building self-esteem. There are so many things at which to succeed. Urban kids find themselves in a totally new environment. Success in sports, good grades and cool clothes are no longer the measuring rod. Now it is curiosity, tolerance of others, teamwork and testing yourself in new situations.

Campers eat, sleep, play and study God’s word in small groups of six to ten, depending upon the age of the children. Developing leadership is a part of the day-to-day process. Young people of high school age volunteer to serve as “junior counselors” and learn by assisting paid staff. Those who show promise can apply for paid counselor positions after graduation.

In a world where so many activities compete for a child’s time, a quality, Christian camp experience should be high on the list. Away from home for perhaps the first time, children receive positive feedback from adults other than their parents. They experience worship in a new and exciting way. They are asked to take the lead in daily activities. Summer counselors are positive role models kids want to emulate. There are adventure and new things to learn from sun-up to sunset…and an endless variety of camps to match your child’s interest. Surrounded by God’s wondrous creation, your child will have an experience that will last a lifetime in a place where heaven and nature sings.

Specialty Summer Camps

Camp Warburg also provides Christ-centered ministries to youth through Shepherding Sheep events for persons with developmental disabilities. In addition, we work in partnership with organizations such as HIS Kids -serving children struggling with cancer and their siblings and other local organizations, including church congregations.

For more information on any of Camp Wartburg’s programs, contact 618-939-7715.